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Coffee Beans: Fresh off The Boat

Traditional Vietnamese style Coffee from the highlands of Vietnam for your Cà Phê sữa đá- Vietnamese Iced Coffee! (Bring on the condensed milk!!!)

Not on the 100% arabica movement? We gotchu! We grew up around Italian families and still love the Original Espresso Style coffee they brewed. We’ve tried and tested and tweaked the blend to being back them good old days- 70% Arabica beans 30% Robusta beans give it that nutty flavour with a little bitterness, perfect for that Latte. 



With everyone clutching at straws (see what I did there 😜) to try and Save the Planet, we bring you the environmentally friendly version- straws made from bamboo.  Yes, simply put, bamboo cut into lengths to make them things you suck fancy drinks with. 

Re-useable, environmentally friendly, compostable. Doesn’t cost the earth lots of fossil fuels to make (unlike the stainless steel versions)